Lead a global team in Tokyo (Project Manager) at WOVN.io (Tokyo, Japan)


About this job

Job type: Permanent
Role: Full Stack Developer, Database Administrator
Industry: localization, SaaS, Software Development / Engineering
Company size: 11-50 people
Company type: Public

Job description

"Welcome the world in one line of code."

This is the tagline for WOVN.io and it defines our thinking. Simple solutions with global ambitions.


WOVN.io is a website localization service (creating Chinese, Spanish, Dutch etc versions of your website). Our goal is to create the simplest and quickest solution for website localization, without compromising on features. Minimalism is of the utmost importance to us. This means providing as simple an experience as possible for our users without sacrificing quality.

We are at a unique and exciting point in our company's history as we are approaching a point of explosive user growth which will require creative engineering solutions to sustain and fuel. To prepare for this, we need passionate, skilled engineers who are ready to take the leap with us into the next chapter!


We are a small and nimble team of about 15 people and contrary to traditional Japanese workplaces, we enjoy a relaxed work environment. Developers choose their own hours, and we don't get in the way of anyone doing their best work. Each developer has a visible impact on WOVN.io and we're creating an environment that gives everyone the opportunity to improve their skills and gain valuable experience. While some of us speak Japanese, this is not a requirement. That being said, from working together many of us have seen great improvements in our Japanese -- and English.

About 50% of our company is made up of developers and roughly half  of us are foreigners living in Japan. Diversity is important to us because our target market is not Japan, but the world. This is why we are focusing on developing solutions for global users.