English Teacher


Working at an English school in Japan can often be painfully boring or outright overwhelming. We’re looking to change all that.As a teacher at English For You, you’ll be part of a small team of professional educators looking to constantly raise the standards for English education in the region. We’re looking to create a friendly, English-based community that inspires students to expand their academic and professional possibilities.If you have a passion for education, community, people of all ages, and a chilly climate, this is the place for you!** Key Qualifications-------------------------- A strong desire to live and work in Japan- An education-focused career path- A Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Education or a linguistics-related field)- Native-level English ability** Description-------------------------As a teacher, you’re responsible for preparing and presenting high-quality lessons tailored around the educational or professional goals of your students. Every class presents new challenges, and that’s something you thrive on. Behind the scenes, you love discovering new and creative ways to keep leveling up, from helping think up fun and exciting events to dishing out thoughts on how to spruce up the office! Living and working in a diverse, cross-cultural setting is exactly the kind of place you want to be, and you can take feedback as well as you can give it.We are looking to fill the position as quickly as possible, and we take interviews both in person and over Skype, so send us your resume and let's get started!