English teacher


Part time position.Location - Sagamihara City, Higashi Rinkan (2 minutes from the train station)Working days: Wednesday, Thursday and FridayWorking hours: 4p.m.-9p.m.Holidays: Golden Week (one week), Obon Week (one week), New Year (two week)The length of the lesson is 60 minutes. (50 minutes is teaching time and 10 minutes is filling out the daily lesson activity form.)Hourly rate: 2500 yen per 60 minutes (teaching time 50 minutes and 10 minutes paperwork) 1200 yen per 60 minutes (office rate – lesson preparation or similar)First three months is the training period. During this period the hourly rate for the teachingtime will be 2000 yen per 60 minutes and the office rate will be 1200 yen per 60 minutes.If the applicant is successful after this the hourly rate for the teaching time will automatically increase up to 2500 yen.Teaching experience is preferable but not essential.The initial training will be provided. A teacher is required to stay at school for full 5 hours whether there is a lesson or not.If there isn’t a lesson a teacher should do the office work instead.A teacher should be in the classroom at least 10 minutes prior the lesson.