Data Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer - Working in Japan at LINE Corporation (Fukuoka, Japan)


We are looking for experienced Machine Learning Engineers to join our group.

Many of the world's best engineers work with the company, and approximately 30% of them hail from overseas. Experienced IT engineers who can put the user's perspective first and wish to make a positive impact on the tens of millions of daily users are encouraged to apply!

Job Description:

In order to resolve a variety of never-before seen issues, you will be developing innovative machine learning and data mining technology that will improve existing services and help to plan new ones.

This position also requires that you consider how new technology and knowledge related to machine learning can be adapted to our current services, and implement solutions.

Both Japanese speakers and Non-Japanese speakers welcomed (if working in Fukuoka/ Kyoto). 

There are many English speakers working with the company. Successful applicants without Japanese language skills may be asked to attend a Japanese training course for half of every working day for at least 3 months ~ 12 months after arriving in Fukuoka/ Kyoto. This training is paid for by the employer, and is an excellent chance to pick up new language skills. We encourage employees to reach JLPT Level 2 within few years of commencement.

Choose your work location depending on your Japanese language skills!

  1. Non-Japanese Speakers: Assigned to Fukuoka/ Kyoto office. However, those wishing to transfer to Tokyo office may do so after attaining basic conversational skills if desired.

  2. Japanese Speakers: Can select Tokyo/ Fukuoka/ Kyoto office if Japanese skills equivalent to JLPT Level 2 or above.

Skills & Requirements

Required Skills:

  • At least 1 year related experience.

  • Machine learning, computer science, and mathematical expertise

  • Ability to implement processes including data searches, feature conversion, model derivation, system implementation, and performance evaluation on a large scale (i.e. terabytes - petabytes of data)

  • Knowledge of / Experience with distributed processing systems (e.g. Hadoop, MPI, etc.)

  • Ability to analyze / make proposals based on an understanding of projects / business

  • Eager to resolve project / business issues with machine learning technology

  • Wants to take on challenge of creating innovative machine learning technology

Preferred Skills: 

  • Experience with / Knowledge of managing and analyzing service data on a global scale

  • Experience developing services that use machine learning

  • Foreign languages (English/Japanese/Korean)

Working hours: Discretionary and flexible according to abilities and speed of task completion; if all tasks and projects are completed well and on time, you do not need to stay in the office for extended periods of time.

Salary: Minimum salary starting from 6 million Japanese Yen per annum (higher compensation will be provided based on skills and experience and is negotiable).

*Other details to be discussed during interviews.

 <Please note>

Candidates CANNOT apply more than one position at a time.
You are welcome to reapply for any positions within the group again after a period of 12 months has passed.