Assistant Staff (Nursery)


We are seeking native English language speakers to educate and care for children at our nursery schools. We are looking for someone interested in a long term career move.Your job:assistant staff who helps other teachers to educate and care for children.I.Term of EmploymentNon-FixedII.Place of EmploymentKids Land Mahoroba (Nursery School)Tokai-city, Aichi, JapanIII.Contents of DutiesAssistant TeacherIV.Working hours, etc.Opening and Closing time:8 hours working schedule from 7:00 to 20:00. If works more than 8 hours, at least more than 60 min. of Rest period.(6 hours, at least 45 min.)V.Day offRegular days off: Every Sunday and national holiday.Additional days off: 1 day per week. VI.Leave1)Annual paid leave:Those working continuously for 6 months or more, 10 days.2)Substitute days off: Yes3)Other leave:Paid: Those working continuously for 6 months or more, 7 days to round trip for your home country.(once a year)VII.Wages1)Basic pay: Monthly wage2)Amount and calculation method for allowances①Oversea Allowances ②Duties Allowance ③Perfect Attendance Allowance ④Resident Allowance ⑤Commuting Allowance 3)Closing day of pay roll: 1st day to the last day of every month4)Pay day: 25th of every month5)Method of wage payment: Directly to your Bank Account6)Deduction from wages in accordance with labor management agreement (Yes)7)Wage raise: Every June-July with the evaluation of your attitudes for work, ommitment, and so on.8)Bonus: Yes. Every June and December. However, it depends on performance.VIII.OthersJoining social insurance [Employees’ pension insurance; Health insurance; Employees’ pension fund.]Application of employment insurance: YesConsultation person for items concerning improvement of employment: