Teleperformance Japan - 【コールセンターオペレーター】100%在宅勤務で通勤時間ゼロ!/世界最大のコールセンター企業/未経験歓迎!


【Company introduction】

We, Teleperformance Japan Co., Ltd., are one of the largest call center companies in the world, boasting approximately 330,000 employees and operating in 170 countries and regions around the world.

World's top client

We are in charge of customer support for products and services!

【Job Description】

■ Business for responding to inquiries about various products and services

Mainly in the top 10 of the Fortune 500

Provided by a major global company

Various products (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

We will handle inquiries about services (e-commerce, etc.).

* Language skills are not required as it is available in Japanese!

[Flow after joining the company]

■ Practical work after one month of online training

Basically, take about a month of online training

Basic knowledge of the products and services in charge,

We will learn how to support (with manual).

After the training, it will be sent by phone or email.

Respond to inquiries from customers from Japan.

When something you don't understand happens

Get staff support online ★

[Career path]

■ Experience the work of various clients!

It is also possible to transfer to variou ...