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Job description:
This is an exciting and rare opportunity to work on the front lines of informing public debate and shaping Japan's domestic and global policy.

【The role】

You will be the personal research assistant for Yoichi Funabashi. Depending on the experience, there is a possibility to be asked to support or manage events and projects. Since the you will be working directly with the Chairman, this is a key strategic position within the foundation with a high degree of responsibility.

【Job responsibilities】

 - Research/writing including articles for global media on Japan's domestic politics, society, economy and technological innovation, as well as geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region

 - Managing Dr. Funabashi's schedule and overseas business trips

 - Creating research memos

 - Speech writing and preparation for panels

 - Event management

 - Cross border collaborations and project management

 - Liaising with world leaders, government officials, CEOs, policy analysts, and others

 - Translation to support office operations and public relations activities

 - Transcription work

【What we are looking for】

 - Native English speaker

 - Skilled wr ...
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