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Job description:
■ Duties: The accounting and finance departments are mainly responsible for the following tasks.

・Consolidated accounting (overseas subsidiaries)

・Overseas subsidiary management

・Create disclosure materials

・Tax duties

■Career path/recruiting personnel: First of all, have 2-3 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance, and after that, expect a person who can play an active role as a manager in the promotion of strategic accounting and financial operations such as management accounting. We are.

■ Organizational structure: It is divided into accounting group and finance group. The department manager manages both groups, and consists of the finance group manager and a few staff members/accounting group manager and a few staff members.


・Person who has experience in accounting work at a business company

*The following numbers are priorities

(1) Manufacturing industry (experience of cost calculation)

② Consolidated settlement experience (from the perspective of the parent company)

③Listed company (possible even if unlisted if you have experience in reporting work)

④ A sense of scale close to our company

・Person who has ...
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