Strategy Management (Business Developer)


Position Information: Strategy Management (Business Developer)Company goal: The company has entered the TOP 3 in the domestic market and is aiming to acquire a place in the world market to continue developing and growing in the future. In order to do this we require excellent foreign nationals to evolve into a company that can succeed on a global level. Main Job responsibilities: *Marketing (Domestic/Foreign markets)*Data Analysis*Market Research, promotion, etc. Desired Skills/traits: Individuals with intellectual ability, business sense, and passion that can create business strategies to succeed in the world market. Location: ShinbashiJapanese ability: N2 or above (However, those who can communicate well can be considered)Salary/Bonuses: 230,000/monthBonus: 1 time yearlyRaises: 2 times a yearWork time: 9:00-18:00 (1 hour break)Holiday: Two week vacation; Golden Week; Holidays; New Years holidays (110 days a year)Other bonuses: Travel expenses (up to 20,000)*Company Insurance (Pension, Employment Insurance, Social Insurance, Labor Insurance) *Child-rearing Leave*Nursing care leave*Paid Holidays*Special Vacation*Condolence money