comprehensive consulting business


Company business type: A comprehensive consulting business for the employment of people with disabilities, etc. Job Information businessEducation and trainingAgricultural productionDisabled people research instituteMedia BusinessPromotion of people with disabilitiesOur challenge: Our philosophy is one of consistently doing business in order to solve social problems, and creating an environment where you can feel your work has contributed to social change. As a future executive candidate we would like to actively create new business. We hope to make new proposals and improvement as we do our work. We also host an internal business contest “Jigyochare”. Regardless of when you entered the company if your idea is selected you will become the project leader. Company information: We are a social venture company with the aim of making life “To be exciting” and allowing individuals to become truly themselves. When the company was established, it was a job hunting company for people with disabilities which was commonly done by Harowata, and their support was recognized as “Non-Profit activities” NPO (non-profit organization) utilizing volunteers. However, there was a strong movement for the idea of changing the companies structure to that of a “Corporation” aiming to be a for-profit company. We believe innovative services around the world, convenient goods and all useful things are born from commercial enterprises. By pursuing profits, we believe we have created a business as a way to solve social problems “permanently”. Since our founding, the environment and attitude towards employment of people with disabilities has changed dramatically. People with disabilities are not only viewed as new members in supporting the country, but also a variety of companies that support recruitment activities have grown as a united industry. Currently we are developed business centered on the employment of people with disabilities, but as a pioneer in the industry, we aim to become “a life support for people with disabilities to have a rich, full, life. Including education, marriage and more”. In thefuture we will achieve this as well as solving many other social problems: Elderly population rise, declining birth rate, Hikikomori syndrome, LGBT, etc. Profits received from supporting the disabled will be used to create these new businesses.Job name: New Graduate entry positionJob duties: The job will have a rotation system so that all new graduates learn all aspects of the job. Below is an example of a career. Wea re actively engaged in job rotation aimed to develop general partners fully, and hoping for their success in the business division after joining the company. Consulting/Sales planning As a recruitment support professional, we draw out management and recruitment challenges for corporate customers mainly concerning the employment of people with disabilities, and are responsible for proposing solutions to problems.Employment transition assistance manager –Assistance for disabled employees with assistance for employment training and their planning creation, regular interviews and attendance management for users' stable employment, coordinating communication with related organizations, etc.New business Development – It is responsible for launching Sosi and Le Business in order to solve social problems. ※ In addition, career adviser, marketing planning, corporate staff etc. may be assigned.Hours: 9:00-18:00Salary: 250,050/monthInterview process: ○ Top Seminar and Roundtable Discussion → ○ Individual Interview (2 to 3) • Aptitude Inspection 1) President Interview* We are planning an employee interview and a workplace tour to gain understanding of our operations during the selection process.Vacation/bonuses: 125 days off a year. (2 days off a week) and public holidaysAdditional days off: Year-end and new year, annual paid leave (10 days), family problem vacation, Golden week. Regular medical examinationsPension/Labor insurance/social insurance