Image Recognition Engineer for Autonomous Vehicles Technologies


Company Overview The company develops technology that is very critical for autonomous cars. The company develops its unique machine learning technology to identify human and other objects with very little mistakes. Their quality of image recognition technology has been recognised as world top class. They enable to identify multiple objects through collaborative calculation and even if the number of objects (to be identified) would be increased, the processing speed would be kept minimised. The CEO and CTO used to work for venture company and CTO has been working on research on image recognition as well as to identify the people who are walking. He had a successful record of launching product through his technology that he did research on. Corporate culture: The company has flex time scheduleAlmost everyone leaves the office by 20:00You can have fairly good work-life balance in this companyYou can wear casual clothes at the companyResponsibility/DutiesYou will be working on image recognition software development engineer and work on the below:・Work on developing image recognition algorithm・Work on image recognition software development・Work on implementing software into products Requirements・No Japanese is required if you speak Chinese・Advanced Japanese level or motivated to learn Japanese (interview will be done in Japanese)・Experience in developing image recognition software・Knowledge on machine learning (in the field of image recognition)・Experience in C language, C++ Compensation/Welfare:・Annual salary: 3,000,000 JPY for new graduate student・For those who have work experience, it will be based on your previous salary + knowledge/experience・Bonus: Twice a year・Salary promotion: once a year・Transportation cost: All will be covered・Various social insurance is covered・Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, Summer Holiday, End of year and new year holiday, Annual paid leaves etc.… TO APPLYPlease detail how you meet the requirements as shown above and what motivates you to join thi company.