Maths and Science Teachers for Private International JHS and SHS (Part-time)


Hiroo Gakuen is a private junior and senior high school with an international course offering a high-level education in English.We are currently seeking part-time math and science teachers for junior and senior high school classes beginning in January 2018 and April 2018. All students are native-level English speakers so we require native English-speaking teachers. Previous experience with this age and a relevant first degree are valued over formal teaching experience. The teachers would be responsible for preparing and teaching classes, setting and grading homework and setting and grading tests. Formal tests are given five times a year and teachers would be expected to be available to proctor tests.Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday 8:35 to 3:15 and Saturday 8:35 to 12:25. Please include your availability in your cover letter. The salary is 3,500 yen per hour, times number of contracted hours, times fifty-two weeks, divided by twelve. An example fifteen-hour weekly schedule would be paid as follows: 3500 x 15 x 52 12 = 227,500 yen. Transportation costs are also covered and all salaries are paid on the twentieth of the month. The amount paid remains constant throughout the year so is not affected by summer or winter vacations or by whether classes are scheduled or not. We are looking for bright, energetic people who enjoy teaching and are confident that they can provide motivating, challenging lessons to our students.