English teacher for Children - Jiyugaoka 01


Industry: Education / TeachingJob Function: Child Education, Pre-school TeacherContract Type: Full TimeLocation: 1-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station of Tokyu Toyoko Line or Tokyu Oimachi Line (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) Preferred skills: Love to sing songs with childrenOffice hours: 8 hours a day between 9:00AM-8:00PM, 5-day weeks between Mon.-Sat.【Employment and Compensation Description】Work Hours : Actual working hours are 8 hours per day.Days off : Sundays and one more day. Also there might be some work days on weekend or holidays. It will be shown on a school calendar.Paid Leave : Annual paid leave - 10 days, Spring vacation - 5 days, Summer vacation - 10 days, Fall vacation - 5 days, Christmas holidays - 10 daysSalary : ¥250,000/month Calculated from the 11th of the preceding month to the 10th of the current month and paid on the 25th of the current month.Salary will be reviewed upon renewal.Transportation Reimbursement: Work related commuting costs are covered.Overtime Pay : 8 hours/day: ¥250,000 (monthly salary) / 168 hours (monthly working hours) =¥1,488/hourAdditional hours past 8 hours/day:¥1,860/hour (¥1,488*1.25)Hours worked during late night (10pm to 5am):¥2,232/hour (¥1,488*1.5)Holiday Work:¥1,860/hour (¥1,488*1.25)Bonus : After renewal of the contract, bonus will be paid twice each year based on the Company’s and Employee’s performance