Various programmer/designer positions for VR systems *No Japanese required


Virtual Reality has started to become a staple for private and commercial use. There have been a number of start up companies basing their business model to utilize VR in various markets and applications. Industries such as architecture/interior design, Travel, Gaming etc.. The push for programmers and designers are high.Requirements:1.The companies we work with are looking for people who have Front-end/back-end development experience with mobile applications and VR systems. You will be tasked to work on their system and mobile app to program functions that will allow both to work in sync.- Experience in JAVA and Javascript, React.js, AWS, Python.2.They are also looking for UI/UX developers for their Mobile applications and VR systems. Here, you will be in charge of implementing the UI of the mobile app and VR systems. A strong background in UI/UX and analysis on user feedback is needed.- Experience in 3DS Max, Maya and Vue is needed.3.Programmers who are really interested in VR systems and their various applications who have a strong design and programming ability using Unity in C#. You will be tasked with the R&D of the VR program.- 3 years experience in Unity in C#- Experience working with the various VR Systems.*Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR.