Operations Manager


The primary job responsibility of the Operations Manager is ensure that all Japan Mobility staff follow company guidelines throughout all stages of business operations. The Operations Manager is responsible for maintaining service quality standards, customer satisfaction goals, and increasing profitability by reducing waste and improving efficiency. In addition to these responsibilities, the Operations Manager will offer support and assistance to the Director of Sales and Business Development with all Japan Mobility -related activities and make efforts to maintain effective communication with customers, service partners and employees. The Operations Manager will serve as a trainer / mentor for Relocation Managers and other Japan Mobility team members, and lead regularly scheduled manager meetings. SPECIFIC TASKS:Customer Service •Ensure quality and service standards are met by all employees•Liaise with clients•Deliver relocation services as needed•Ensure that all employees provide the highest quality comprehensive service & support for all of our customers Operations •Report daily business operations and service delivery for all accounts to the Director as requested•Comply with established company rules and guidelines•Ensure that managers receive / accept work orders and assign tasks to their team•Ensure that managers have set tasks that have appropriate deadlines and are on schedule•Ensure that managers have completed the necessary preparation for assigned services and recorded progress accordingly•Ensure that managers have arranged part-time scheduling for their team’s services and ensure that part-time employees receive detailed work orders promptly •Ensure that managers have recorded dates and times for customer services accurately on the office schedule•Ensure that managers maintain email correspondence standards throughout their team (24 hour reply rule, email templates, etc.)•Ensure that managers check housing contracts, serviced property item orders, and property set-up arrangements for errors (delivery dates, duplicate items, missing essential items, etc.)•Ensure that managers close work orders promptly and according to company guidelines•Ensure that managers send bill requests and customer satisfaction surveys promptly•Ensure that managers properly collect and file their team’s documents and information•Ensure that managers complete and submit service logs and other reports for as directed Training•Assist and train other team members as needed •Lead regularly scheduled manager meetings to address any issues•Manage individual training and improvement programs for managers•Ensure that managers follow individual training and improvement programs for team membersOffice Management•Ensure all team members follow sensitive document storage and workstation tidiness rules•Request necessary office equipment as needed (Storage bins, workstation items, laptop setup, business cards orders, etc.)Loss Reduction•Reduce waste of resources due to accidents and mistakes •Coordinate schedules so that company resources can be shared efficiently•Collect monthly loss totals from all team members and report to DirectorOther•Plan and participate in company sponsored events as needed•Create a positive and enthusiastic work environment for your teamQUALIFICATIONS & EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:• Minimum 2 year college degree with a 4 year degree preferred• Detail oriented• Management experience preferred• Ability to work to a schedule, and manage own time effectively to meet deadlines• Strong communication skills in both English and Japanese• Business level Japanese or better• Business level English skills or better• Minimum of two years work experience in Japan• Experience living and/or working abroad• Must be proficient with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint• Highly organized with strong multi-tasking skills• Must be resourceful and able to work individually