Document Courier - Part time


Document Courier Creative Finance Corp are looking to expand their network of agents, so that documents can be delivered to addresses quickly and efficiently. This role is ideally suited for those who are already part time, who may be recently retired, or stay at home mums who are looking for additional income throughout the course of a month. Having engaged this type of work before is not required for this position. Our aim is to establish a group of reliable agents that can service our documents within a specific time period. The better the performance, the more work we will send you. **Our couriers must be able to print and need to have a smart phone with a good camera, so that documents can be printed and scanned** As a document courier your responsibilities will involve: Interacting with customers and arranging an appointment Printing, witnessing and scanning documents Uploading documents to our portal In some instances, you may be required to have the documents sworn in a local solicitor office Travelling to and from customer addresses and car dealerships Sending original documents to us signed for delivery The Document Courier will be: Organised with document management Know how to use smart phone apps and access the internet Be a multi-tasker Be proactive with organising appointments No prior experience is necessary. It is our aim that agents work within a 30 minute drive radius to their houses, so they would need to give us post codes of areas they can cover within that range. Our appointments generally take about 15-20 minutes (max) and so each entire job should not take more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. We intend to pay £40-£45 per visit and the pay therefore equates to around £30 per hour (after deductions of petrol, print and postage costs).