English Teacher


Providing quality English education for over 20 years to children, teenagers and young adults, EFL Club is one of Sapporo's largest and most well-known private language schools, enjoying a favourable reputation in the community. With a large and constantly growing student body, we can provide the right candidate with job security, professional development and potential for career advancement.We have two full-time teaching positions opening soon. Please indicate in your cover letter which position you are applying for.
Preferred Start Date: February 20th, 2018This position is suitable for a candidate interested in teaching young children and elementary school students. The ability to sing in tune is highly desirable.Only native speakers of English will be considered for this position. Applicants from countries where languages other than English are widely spoken in the community should include details in their cover letter to justify their status as a native speaker if they wish to be considered.
Preferred Start Date: January 30th, 2018This position is suitable for candidates interested in teaching slightly older students, the majority between 7 and 18 years of age. Candidates for this position need strong verbal and written skills and an interest in professional development. A candidate holding a CELTA certificate (or similar qualification) and relevant teaching experience is desirable.Native speakers of English are preferred. However, candidates highly fluent in English (CEFR: C1 or C2 level) who speak in standard, clear pronunciation, and who demonstrate strong literacy skills will also be considered."WHAT DO OUR CLASSES LOOK LIKE?" The focus in our young children's classes is on developing listening and speaking skills through the medium of play, songs and story books.Our elementary school students attend one or more classes a week. We offer 3 courses each with its own curricula and goals: (1) A grammar-based, 4-skill course, (2) a CLIL-based course whose focus is on developing verbal skills, and (3) a literacy skills development course. Teenagers and young adults, likewise, attend one or more classes a week. We offer 2 courses to this age group: (1) A conversation course whose focus in on developing real-time communication skills, and (2) a literacy skills development course.Each teacher is responsible for planning and running their classes, keeping lesson records, and providing feedback on both curricula and student progress. "WHAT TRAINING DOES EFL CLUB PROVIDE?"New teachers receive initial training and orientation in course curricula, language goals and teaching methods, as well as workplace procedures and standards. Initial training will be provided in the form of demonstration lessons, class observations and feedback sessions. Subsequent training and professional development will be provided in accordance with the teacher's observable skills and classroom performance."WHAT ABOUT WORKING CONDITIONS AND REMUNERATION?"The school is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm. The teacher's schedule is determined according to the age of the students they teach. All teaching staff receive 4 weeks paid annual holidays. An initial monthly salary of 240,000 will be paid. Teachers also receive a transport allowance and health insurance subsidy. Well-executed classes, care and consideration for students, work productivity, good in-house communication skills and professionalism are qualities that we at EFL Club value highly. We provide as much assistance and guidance as possible to ensure the teacher's success in these areas, and reward such success accordingly.The contract is renewable at the end of the initial period. We can provide visa sponsorship and assist with finding rental accommodation if required. Costs associated with moving or renting accommodation are not included in the remuneration package."WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN AN APPLICANT?"We are looking for committed staff who have long-term professional goals, a capacity to create good working relations with their coworkers, and a sense of responsibility to their students' education and personal growth. All serious applications will be responded to within 3 days, and suitable candidates will be offered an initial interview via Skype. While we appreciate everyone's application and take the time to read and evaluate each one on its merits, due to the high number of applications received, only candidates considered suitable to the position/s offered will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.