Business English Instructor (Kyoto)


There are classes opening in April in 2018.The first semester will be from April to July.The second half will be from September to January.If you can take this offer, we would like you to continue throughout the year.Please check the following for the details.Location/ 5min walk from Subway Kyoto Shiyakusyomae Day and Time/ Tue. 09:10~12:20 (break 10:40~10:50) (Holidays excluded) Students' level/Low inter Salary/ 9000yen per day Eligible candidates will be invited to the interview with CTS. If you are accepted, your name will be listed in CTS instructors list. After the process, another interview will be set with the client to get this position. Please note if you are not qualified to this position, there will be a possibility that we may offer you other teaching job.At the interview they will ask your teaching background and talk about the school and the students. The date of interview will be held on the beginning of January.