Entertainers for the Tokyo Fight Club Bar (Fighters / Dancers)


Showcase your talents at the most exciting new entertainment venue in Shibuya!The Tokyo Fight Club Bar hosts professional and amateur fights, alongside dancers of many varieties.So please apply if you would like to be paid for your passion.But hey, please share this info with your gym or community too!**Application guidelines for Martial Artists We can accomodate fully professional fighters, as well as amatuer and semi-pro bouts for experienced fighters to test their skills in a safe and clean environment with our sliding scale pay card. So please inquire to learn more about our compensation structure. Attendance would be required between 7pm and 10pm. Please send us your application with a brief, informal cover letter.For example:Category: FighterField: MMAYears of experience: 3 years (please elaborate)Level: Competition Experience_______________More about this project:In Japan, there are few nightlife hubs where foreigners can freely enjoy without feeling the language barrier, it is often cited as frustration among foreign tourists visiting Japan.With the 2020 Olympics drawing near, the amount of foreign tourists will continue to rise, and Japan must provide a more universally enjoyed form of entertainment.Therefore, our company (RSK Co., Ltd.) has decided to launch a sports bar where you can see live martial competitions, in the vein of Las Vegas, as a new tourist destination in the middle of Shibuya, Tokyo. One of the hotspots for foreign tourism in Japan. _______________