Amaris - Senior Service Engineer(Electrical Engineering) /シニアサービスエンジニア(電気工学)(英語と日本語)


We are currently looking for a Senior Service Engineer (シニアサービスエンジニア)with experience as Electrical Engineer(電気技術者), who will fix quality issues (製品品質に関連する問題を修正する) for Electrical & Energy products (電気エネルギーに関わる製品)and communicate with internal and external stakeholders in both Japanese and English (英語と日本語のビジネスコミュニケーション).

•Engage in product and process improvement projects for all products within the business

•Work with global colleagues to define and implement best practices and common tools as defined by the Group

•Work directly with local product development and production teams with highly optimized customer solutions

•Academic background in Electrical Engineering with more than 10 year experience in quality

•Experience as Utility manager / Factory / Contractor engineer

•Experience in the quality check of powers

•Owner of Denken Level 1 certification (電験1種,Electrical engineer certification Level 1)

•Proficiency in both English and Japanese ...