Preschool English Teacher


3-5 days/week. 200,000-320,000yen/month.We are looking for teachers who want more from their jobs and have ambition to become leaders and managers. Friendly teachers who love the thrill of seeing very young children (as young as 1 years old) learn. Teachers who appreciate the rewarding experience of educating children through play. Working with very young children at Kidschool is quite different from teaching at ALT jobs and Eikaiwa schools. If you like kids to be sitting on chairs, listening quietly to you as you teach, responding from time to time, then this job is not for you. If you like having thought-provoking conversations with children and want to experience 'ah-ah' moments in your work, then this is the job for you. Our unique curriculum is whole-child, and focused on experiential learning through play, cooking and art. Kids easily learn to read before grade 1. Our curriculum provides lesson plans and on-the-job training ensuring that new teachers have successful classes from the beginning. Our teachers love their jobs. Kidschool is a multi-cultural environment where teachers receive support from their school and colleagues. They enjoy the camaraderie of working with a supportive team in a school environment that encourages and allows children to express themselves naturally.Kidschool has 6 locations. Chiba (Mobara station), Kanagawa (Sagamiono and Eda station), Tokyo (Tsurukawa station), Yokohama (Totsuka station) and Okinawa (Naha).Applicants must have a Bachelors degree and be residing in Japan. 1-2 years experience as a kindergarten/preschool teacher or an Early ChildHood Education diploma is not necessary but is an advantage. Japanese speaking ability, and International/Japanese driver's license is not necessary but an advantage.Full-time positions include benefits such as paid holidays and social plan. Relocation assistance and visa sponsorship available.