Waiter / Waitresses for Luxury Service Restaurant


We are looking for Japanese and foreigners who are eager to reach a very high level of hospitality.This is a waiter/waitress position for our Luxury restaurant and weddings.[What are we looking for?]We are looking for Japanese persons who can speak at least one foreign language (English, French or Spanish), and foreigners who can speak Japanese at a fluent level able to speak with Japanese clients. Being able to communicate with all sort of clients is very important for us.Candidates with experience in the industry are more than welcome, as well as candidates with no experience in the industry who are eager to learn.[About the job]The work is going to start as a retributed internship which will last 120 hours. The salary for the internship will be 1,100 per hour (plus transportation fees).During the internship, your performance will be evaluated and see if we are a good fit for you, this means if you enjoy the work, and if it is suitable for you.If everything is ok we will promote you and the salary will increase to 1,200 per hour.Regarding the specific works, waiters and waitresses will learn how to greet the clients properly, serve the dishes and drinks, explain them to our customers, keep a clean environment for the clients, show the clients the places that they may need to use, among other activities.[Growth opportunities]There are lots of opportunities to learn a lot of things and to grow up professionally. The more you do, the more you will get rewarded.We will be waiting for your application.