Taxi Drivers in Tokyo (S018)


We are looking for taxi drivers who speaks Japanese fluently in 3 places in Tokyo.We also welcome those people who speaks Chinese, Korean and any other Asian or European languages.*Application requirements*1.People with resident status, with no work restrictions.2.People who have had a Japanese Ordinary Vehicle Driver's License for three years or more.3.People who have the necessary Japanese language skills for dealing with customers.*Job description*This company offers a "Fixed Price Airport Taxi" service for transporting customers to and from Narita and Haneda Airport.Please use your language skill!(English,Chinese,Korean etc)All cars have built-in navigation systems.In the mornings, we operate our taxis mainly targeting customers commuting to work or housewives going shopping. Drivers can take a lunch-time break wherever they wish.In the evening we operate our taxis targeting customers going back home from work, heading out to their evening shift work, on their way back home from drinking, those who have missed the last train, etc. *Work Hours*7:30~2:30 180 minutes break(nap time included)*Salary*Monthly salary 188,700 yen (Fixed salary)+allowance=Annual income about 4,000,000 yen!-Salaries are paid even during the training period.(Daily salary: 12,000 (maximum))-For three months after being deployed, we guarantee a monthly salary of 320,000*Holidays*233 days off per year.The system based on working every other day requires you to work only 11 times per month, 12 times at the most. Including rest days after night shifts, you get two days off per week, and you can take four consecutive days off twice. This allows you to generate a lot of personal time,allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling private life.