<div>Marketing & Sales Director</div>


1. Participate in the development strategy planning and make marketing and sales strategy and annual implement panning .2. Catch up the target market information timely and analyze and predict the market trend , feature and development trend and the needs of target consumer group regularly ;draw up the market expanding planning and cost budget .3。Host and supervise the major marketing activities , including advertisement ,publishing, internet promotion and E-media ect.4。Make the promotion plan, media delivery plan with relevant Dept. Supervise marketing Dept. to select advertisement companies, producing companies to make sure efficient advertising campaign 5.Review the sales statement and report ,organize the monthly ,quarterly and annual marketing meeting and direct and check the marketing promotion regularly .6. Make sure the efficient control of marketing effect and take amendment measures to guarantee that the realization of the marketing target is within budget . 7. Supervise and evaluate the marketing research ,adjust the marketing strategy to react the varying market and competition condition 8. Pay attention to bench make and competitor enterprise ,motivate the innovation and transform ,submit the studying report regularly or as required .9. According to the analysis and study about the bench make and competitor enterprise , give proposal and suggestion about company management, improvement and promotion 10. Set up Customer service standard and be responsible for the promotion and implement; Manage and supervise the customer service and after –sale service 11. Make the customer statistics and analysis report and submit regularly and give marketing strategy suggestion 12. Review and approve the agreement and contract with VIP customer and special customers; Maintain the relationship with VIP customers and reciprocate .13. Participate in the development of new products, propose the price and marketing strategy according to the reaction of market and customers 14. Give comprehensive suggestions towards the project development and cost budget and investment benefit etc. and organize the project negotiation and contract signing.15. Evaluate and analyze the marketing achievement according to the process, quote and planning to work out the effectiveness 16. Be responsible for the finalized the marketing result; accept the performance evaluation upon the job description by company 17. Be responsible for the assignment, training, evaluation and motivation of the subordinates etc.; Improve the group cohesiveness to create a good working atmosphere continuously.18.  Build up the internal process ,regulations ,work manual and supervising and improvement system ,to make sure the work quality and efficiency .19. Analyze and control the cost of Dept., to meet the budget requirement 20. Host the daily work and meeting of the Dept. and deal with subordinates’ problems and emergency occurring during work and.21. Accomplish the task after emergent adjustment of company strategy, planning and work assignment 其他要求Other requirement :作地 Work place:Chongli District ,Zhangjiakou City ,Hebei Province,ChinaWor experience :5-10年 yearlanguage : Fluent English Month salary :20,000+