<div>Children's English Teacher</div>


We are offering an attractive part-time job that's ideal for someone looking to boost their current income. [Position description]It's available for 2 or possibly 3 days a week. It starts soon! Each day will earn you at least 15,000. [Times]The time will be from 2 pm to 8 pm. Our preferred days are Tuesday,Wednesday and possibly Saturday. This is not just a fill-in job; it could lead to a really great full-time position! BUT: you will need to be dedicated to teaching young children who, by the way, can be really fun and rewarding to you. At Mayflower we focus on quality in education, so you must know your language too. We treat all our FT teachers well, and you will be no exception if you work diligently. We're in Senzoku, not far from Meguro on the Meguro/Namboku Line, and near the station.