Game Director


Job: Game Operation Department※ Because of the time difference, it may change when the shift is from 8: 00 ~ 17: 00.※ In the future the title may increase. (TBD) Mainly interacting with overseas SAP Inquiries from English users※ The above is correspondence with Skype and e-mail. English-Japanese translation of press releases and patch notes ◆ Essential Experience ◆ A person who can create a text that can be presented to customers without requiring a Japanese native review Working experience in English (required for non-game) Those who have TOEIC 600 or more Experienced person in operating direction of online game for PC People who play games on a daily basis A person who can face work with a positive attitude without limiting the area of responsibility.◆ Preferred Experience ◆ High communication skills and ability to make teams run smoothly Strong willingness to challenge new things Those who can always think and think logically, not to mention knowledge and ideas---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holidays and InsuranceReward holiday, New Year's holiday, Summer vacation, Paid vacationHealth Insurance Employees 'Pension Employment Insurance Workers' Accident Insurance