Late April and May Start Assistant Language Teaching Positions at Public Schools


Borderlink is now looking for self-motivated individuals who would like to join us in the Kanto Koshinetsu area as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) starting in April and May of 2018. We have both part time and full time positions available. We are now holding Skype interviews and interviews face-to-face in our offices in Saitama and Tokyo. The interviews can be scheduled for Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The part time positions that we have are generally 3 to 4 days of work in a week. Some semi-full time positions are also 3 to 5 days a week. The number of working days are enough for us to sponsor instructor visas. The salary is 12,000 to 14,000 yen a day.If you are interested in becoming an ALT and would like to know more about the difference you can make with Borderlink in one of the many cities we have in the Kanto areas, we encourage you to apply now!★★★Featured Late April and May area★★★・Tokyo(Koto/Tachikawa/Machida)We have part time positions available that can be used to balance out your current part-time jobs. There are also limited full time positions, so please apply now! These are great positions to get your foot in the door of a career in English education.・Tokyo, Arakawa (Only May Start Positions)We have full time positions at junior high schools and part-time positions at elementary school. The schools all have great access from positions all over Tokyo and are waiting for a dedicated ALT like you.☆☆☆Limited April Start Positions: Apply now!!☆☆☆・Saitama(Fujimino/Soka/Okegawa/Toda) / Tochigi (Mibu)We have variety of monthly positions open and waiting for a great team member like you! The Saitama positions all have easy access from Tokyo and you will be going against the rush! The position in Tochigi has easy access from the Gyoza capital of Japan, Utsunomiya.・Chiba(Kashiwa/Yachiyo)Our positions in Chiba are all convenient for a short commute from Tokyo. If you are sick of fighting against the rush while working in Tokyo, this would be a great area for you. ・Yamanashi(MinamiAlps/Fujiyoshida)/Nagano(Matsumoto Area)If you are willing to move to this beautiful area, we can help you start your new life by helping out with the move. Also, we can lease your car to get you to your school easily.Thank you for your interest in Borderlink. We look forward to hearing from you soon.