Full time employment guaranteed with a Japanese company, and a corporate sponsor


Looking for a Japanese local company who can sponsor your working visa in Japan?If you are currently in Japan with student visa / special Visa / spouse Visa or other short term visa in Japan and looking to change to a proper employment visa, we can help.We are a registered recruitment agent with Japanese government that is specialized in foreigners who are looking for a sponsor company in Japan.We have more than 2,500 local Japanese companies who are ONLY interested and willing to hire foreigners in Japan. Regardless of your Japanese level, we have plenty of companies for you to become a full time staff in Japan.How it works:1. Register with us. (via Gaijinpot, after reviewing your application, we will request an interview in person or online if you are far from Tokyo)2. For successful candidates, we will give a job training and internship plan. The training will be held in Kanda, Tokyo.3. We guarantee you a full time employment with a Japanese company within 6 months.Job Industry:Advertising / Marketing / Aerospace / Aviation / Architecture / Building / Construction / Entertainment / Automotive / Chemical / Plastic / Clothing / Garment / Textile / Fashion / Consulting / Business Analysis / Education / Teaching / Electronics / Electrical Equipment / Energy / Utility / Engineering / Finance & Banking / Food and Beverage / Health Care & Beauty Care / Human Resources / Recruitment / Industrial Machinery / Information Technology / Interior Design / Graphic Design / Internet / Life Sciences / Logistics / Transportation / Manufacturing / Media / Publishing / Printing / Medical / Pharmaceutical / Real Estate / Public Utilities / Security / Service Industry / Telecommunication / Tourism / Travel / Hospitality / Translation / Interpretation / Wholesale / Retail / OtherWhy we can Guarantee:Our company originally started business for helping Japanese companies to invest in overseas. we are specialized in all kinds of industries to help them expand their business globally. Since Japanese products and services are well manufactured and have high qualities, most of companies are planning to expand their business globally. However these companies need foreign staffs who have better understanding of culture and language to expand the business: translation, local communication, market research, and etc. This is why we have such a wide network and large number of companies who want to hire foreign talents.For every candidates we introduce, the minimum requirements from us to our client (a company) is "English speaker", and "Dedicated to the company". In other words, regardless of your educational history, working background, age, and gender, anyone will have an opportunity to apply with us.If you are one of the following, join us now!1. Currently in Japan with a student visa, but tired of paying tuition and continue renewing the student visa. And those who can't find a job with proper visa sponsorship.2. Willing to live in Japan for a long term but can't speak Japanese (difficult to attend local Japanese company's job interview)3. Trying to improve your Japanese level and to get N2 or N1, but it’s taking time.Unfortunately, Japanese government doesn't allow immigrants to settle in Japan. If you are looking for a long term residency with proper eligibility to work in Japan, pretty much these are only 2 options: spouse visa and employment visa.Getting the employment visa by yourself it is extremely difficulty unless you speak very good Japanese. As an educational institution, your "teacher" will always advice you to get higher Japanese level "N1" or "N2" for JLPT. And of course, getting better in Japanese is always a good idea for your life in Japan. However, at the same time, the school will make good profit from tuition paid by students, and they have more incentive to make you stay in school. Your teacher may advice you to study at Senmongakko (vocational school) or Daigakui (graduate school), however, how the system usually works is that if you enroll into another private school, your current school is most likely to receives around 20% of your new school annual tuition as a commission.Remarks:- Job Training and Internship agreement will be explained during the interview- If you are applying from overseas, we have another study and work program to help you get a student visa first. This is for people who are already in Japan.- Some people might not be working in our companyCase studies for our successful candidates:- A Filipino, 28 yrs old, after 2 months in Japan with student visa, I got an internship and part-time job. I was working for the part-time job company for 3 months, then got a 5 year working visa (specialist in Humanities/ International service).- A Nepali, 24 yrs old, N5 level Japanese level who graduated from Japanese school has been with the company's job training for 4 months. I got a corporate sponsor for 5 years working visa in Gunma.- An American, 25 yrs old, N5 level Japanese level who didn't want to be a boring English teacher. After going through the company’s professional job training, I am working as a account executive/ corporate sales in a large international company with working visa.- An Uzbek, 35 yrs old, N3 level Japanese level who was trying to get an office job but my Japanese wasn’t good enough. After the professional job training, I successfully got in to a trading company in Tokyo.Our Office/Contact東京都中央区日本橋本石町4-5-5藤ビル7FTokyo Chuo Ku Nihonbashihongokucho 4-5-5Phone: 03-6262-7555Office hours : 10AM – 6PM Monday - FridayFor inquiries or office visit, please inform us in advance.We have English/Japanese speaking staffs in the office.Please wear suits and bring your CV with a picture