Hired Drivers for Luxury Clients - ハイヤードライバー


City Cab Co., Ltd. is looking to for Hired Drivers to expand their operations in Japan, and provide excellent service for their foreign clientele! We offer passenger transportation for business professionals and high-end travelers, with our hired car / taxi services using a fleet of luxury and powerful sports cars. A professional driving license is not required, our company will pay for the cost of driving school to get your Pro-driving license.So if you love to drive, enjoy seeing our beautiful city, and would like a long-term career with a company that will value you, then please send us your application! It's alright if you're inexperienced or haven't received your international driver's license yet -- So long as you believe you will succeed, anyone is welcome!As Hired Drivers you will contribute significantly to revenue growth by transporting our ever-growing overseas clientele. You will be responsible to develop strong relationships of trust with politicians, business-leaders, and other influencers who have occasion to visit Japan.While reporting to the head office and keeping details logged in English and Japanese.The ideal candidate must be hospitality and business savvy, although previous experience is not a must. We believe that intelligence and "can-do spirit" is the key to someone learning to become successful, and we are eager to support and train eager candidates to be successful with our existing clients, and then grow that base. What do we offer you?- City Cab is a unique company that has been growing rapidly.- Career advancement within the organisation is highly viable as you contribute to this division.- We will take your opinion and ideas into consideration for how we grow.- Our clients are among Forbes 500 type of companies, and other high-profile individuals.- Possible 300,000 - 650,000 monthly remuneration (based on performance)If you're interested in joining a company that believes in developing, and rewarding it's employees potential, and you'd like to benefit from your own successes, then send us your resume today to get started with us!