Native English Teacher


A candidate we'll love:As all students have their own talents, we are seeking English-speaking teachers with the ability to develop those talents, to recognize them and help them to achieve fruition.We need special teachers who can cultivate lifelong enthusiasm towards learning for our international students. We need dedicated teachers who can help build cross-cultural communication skills for learners by providing contact with native speakers in a comfortable environment.It is important that our teachers provide the students with an inspiring, positive and nurturing environment in which they feel comfortable while allowing them to develop their talents freely. Teachers should also be able to transform student's questions and curiosity into creativity by utilizing the Project Approach, an approach that lies at the core of our education. Our school has established this approach so that students can naturally acquire fluency in English and Japanese while developing a creative sense. Our teachers are able to offer situations in which students (whatever their first language, gender, learning style, or specific abilities) can come to know parts of their world in new ways and help prepare them for living in a global age. Our students are energetic and eager to learn. Every day is filled with fun and laughter.Experience is not what we consider as most important, rather, teachers' personality, characteristics and potential are what we look for.Fulltime teacher position ■Hours are Monday to Saturday (Or any 4-5days/week) : 7-4. ■40 working hours/week, 25 teaching/class ■9:00am-9:00pm, M-F. 200,000-250,000yen/month.We offer stable and secure employment with considerable potential for promotion and career development. If you are interested in our team, please send your resume by email.Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted.Qualifications: BA or MA in early childhood education or related fields