SmartNews, Inc./スマートニュース株式会社 - Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering


・Automate, codify, and standardize operations, improving productivity for both developers and ops

・Construct and operate the log collection / analysis platform for data analysis

・Promote and establish conventions among different services for monitoring, provisioning, deployments, and development flows

・Secure server side security and reduce the risk of failing to provide services on a sustainable basis

・Reviewing architecture decisions for new services

・Responding to incidents and supporting postmortems

■Minimum Qualifications

・Be able to interview in Japanese and be able to communicate either in Japanese or English natively

・Basic knowledge on network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP etc.

・Experience developing web services using MySQL, Redis etc.

・Middleware configuration / troubleshooting experience on Linux/Unix platform

・Knowledge of application architectures such as: distributed systems, asynchronous processing, microservices

・Preferred Qualifications

・Work experience as a Site Reliability Engineer

・Experience in software development and operation using one of Java, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, Python, and Go

・Operational experience of AWS ...