Game Programmer at a game company in Tokyo


■Position■Game Programmer at a game company in Tokyo■Job Summary■-Online game development (PC, consumer game)-Smartphone native application developmentThe Development division is divided into three parts: server development, client development, and research development.Server Development:Server application development using Linux, DB development, communication processing, and server management/operation tools development.Client Development:Target: PC, consumer games, smart phone applications, 3D technology, interpolation processing, and GUI development.Research Development:Introduction of new technology and improving efficiency to develop framework and technology sharing.All Three Parts:Asynchronous communication application development■Job Requirements■ ・University degree or higher ・Experience using object-oriented language・We are looking for confident, highly motivated programmers■Salary (Yearly)■3,000,000yen or more, depending on previous experience and skills.■Working Hours■10:00-19:00■Holidays■2 days a week, national holidays, New Year’s holidays, summer holidays, etc.■Insurance and Benefits■Social Insurance includedTransportation expenses paid■Location■Tokyo, Japan