Genscape International Inc. - Field Agent


We are seeking a talented Field Agent to work on a contractor basis. If you are interested in the energy information market, looking to move into hands on, field based position then this is the position for you. Read more below….

A typical day in the life of a Field Agent at Genscape will include the following:

• Frequent travel (usually three days per week) throughout the entire Japan.

• Installation of systems near electric power generating plants, overhead power lines.

• Maintenance on previously installed systems in the network.

• Locating acceptable monitor sites and establishing relationship with landowners.

• System installation, as well as system diagnostics and maintenance.

This job might be for you if:

• You are highly motivated, organized, and enjoy working alone and outdoors.

• You are an excellent communicator.

• Enjoy hands on, technical work that will include the installation and maintenance of field monitoring systems.

• Have a knack for technical troubleshooting.

• Are comfortable locating/contacting private landowners and negotiating easement/lease agreements.

We kindly ask interested candidates for this contr ...