Game Company (Marketing/Public Relations/Designer/Sound Creator)


GAME COMPANY Working Locations: Tokyo or YokohamaWork Start Date: Join in April 2018Working hours: 9:30 ~18:00 (7.5 hours with one hour break)May have flextime between 9:00~10:00, closing hours 17:30 ~ 18:30. *Depends on the type of employment and company location■ Job categorySales system, administrative system, software system planner, programmer, networking engineer, marketing (country / in overseas), shopping, editing, business, personnel, administration, financial, planning , Legal CG Designer, CG Production Assistant Manager Sound Creator■ After joining the company, the work content of international studentsMarketing (domestic / overseas) candidates will be in charge of marketing. Marketing to sales strategy planning etc. in order to promote domestic / overseas sales of this group title. Overseas staff will work with overseas sales subsidiaries and business partners overseas sales companies making full use of their language skills.Public Relations. We will utilize various media and conduct domestic / oversea sales promotion activities of our group title.CG Designer (2D/3D): Production of characters, backgrounds, motion, movies etc appearing • It is a business to commercialize characters, motifs, world feelings etc. appearing in product planning designer games. I am in charge of product planning and design for that.BGM Sound Creator: responsible for creating sound effects. We will also develop bars and tool.Web Designer: Responsible for website banner design and product promotion.Graduate school degree holder: *We do have some other position specially for Planner/Programmer/ Network Engineer etc; please ASK!! ■Salary: Graduate degree holder:FOR KoeiTecmo GamesKoeitecmo WEBKoeiTecmo Holdings242,600 yen/month (Basic – 207,940 yen + Special allowance 34,660 yen)※ For details on special allowance see "Salary information common remarks" columnCollege degree holder: FOR KoeiTecmo GamesKoeitecmo WEBKoeiTecmo Holdings227,900 yen /month (Basic 195,340 yen + Special allowance 32,560 yen)FOR KoeiTecmo NET216,700 yen (Basic 185,740 yen + Special Allowance 30,960 yen)※ April 2016 cold weather; see, "salary information common remarks" columnIt will be overtime allowance. We will provide overtime allowance equivalent to 20 hours. It will be paid even if you do not work overtime 20 hours a month. For more than 20 hours a month. It will be paid separately as an overtime allowance.■BONUS:Salary raise once a yearBonus twice a year■VACATION: 128 days a year (Weekends) Saturdays and Sundays, public holiday, summer vacation, year-end and new year vacation.■Japanese Requirements: English speakers – Conversational levelVietnamese Speakers – N1 or N2 after consultationAsian descent (Taiwan, china, Sinagpore, Makao, Hong Kong, Etc. English: Toeic 850Japanese: N1Korean:Japanese: N1/N2 level