English Kindergarten Teacher


Full-time English Kindergarten Teacher wanted.We are waiting for applications from experienced English native speaking teachers offering very nice working environment in the beautiful area of Kyushu and great employee benefits including air ticket cost coverage (up to 100.000) and apartment costs coverage (up to 50.000 /month)!Location: Miyakonojo, Miyazaki, KyushuSalary: JPY250,000 / monthTransportation fee is covered (JPY100,000)Students: 2-6 years oldHolidays: Summer: 10th - 16th August, Winter: 25th December - 5th January, spring: 25th - 31st March, national holidays, Saturday, Sunday off weekly Requirement: Native English speakerBenefits:- *Apartment cost: 38,000yen - 50,000yen. (depending on the apartment available from the teacher pool)Rent costs are very cheep in this area - ca 1/3 of costs in Tokyo, so you will be quick with making savings is one of the biggest pros.- Insurance: Japan National Insurance (you pay about 20,000 yen for one year)- Transportation fee -Air ticket fee after finishing your assignment is covered up to 100.000 yen by the company*About apartmentNo key money! - 3 months of the key money is covered by the company.Near workplace (less than 15 min on foot or 5min by bike) - you will live in your own apartment not in dormitory or in shared apartments.- Near train station, major department stores, and Internet cafe.- Flat provided with refrigerator, wash machine and air conditioner and furniture.- Very nice and friendly people living in this area is one of the biggest benefits!!!If you are energetic English native speaker and you enjoy teaching English to children, this would be a great opportunity for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!