Preschool,After school English teacher(Native English Speaker) in need.


People who can work three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)How to think, how to learn, how to create and how to develop balanced physical abilities necessary for the international information society depends on the experiences in the early childhood. These experiences are affected by good environments. “FIRST LEARNNG" provides high quality programs, caring for children in good environment with the strong support and network with the child care organizations in the United States. “FIRST LEARNNG" is proud to say all the staff are professionals trained through American Early Childhood training programs. “FIRST LEARNNG" respects other people, appreciates and values differences. “FIRST LEARNNG" helps children develop self-esteem.“FIRST LEARNNG" creates Playroom equipped with developmentally appropriate teaching materials in planned environment, based on the concept of the Creative Programs “Good Environment helps children develop positive behavior". Children develop their abilities through appropriate toys and plays. Playroom has such interest areas as Dramatic Play, Blocks, Toys, Arts & Crafts, Sand & Water, Library and Music & Movement.Program 1 Pre-school 4Hours(2 day / week)(on Monday and Friday)Age:2 years old ~ 3 years old 2 teachers to 8 children Program 2Music & Movement50Infant Class  50 Minutes(1 day / week)(on Wednesday) Age:Infants & Moms(1 year old)②Toddler Class 50 Minutes(1 day / week)(on Wednesday)Age:2 years oldProgram 3 Kinder School2Hours(3 day / week)(on Monday and Wednesday and Friday afternoon)Age:4 years old ~ 6 years old 2 teachers to 8 childrenProgram 4 after-school4Hours(3 day / week)(on Monday and Wednesday and Friday afternoon)Age:Elementary school student1 teachers to 8 childrenin the United States, Europe