English School


We have three schools, two in Mito city and one in Hitachinaka city. We rotate our work schools every few months.We always work with a Japanese assistant teacher in the classroom. So you must have the communication skills to understand their Japanese English, follow their advice. You must also be able to understand children's behavior and mental states. There are about six to seven students per classroom.We are teaching a wide variety of age groups from one to eighteen years of age. For example, we teach tots for three hours in the morning on Tuesdays. Every other week, we have other baby classes for fifty minutes on Thursdays and Fridays.But our main teaching is from three to seven. During that time, we mainly teach primary school aged children based on our school curriculum, which involves singing, dancing, shows and games, this means you have to entertain them. Each class lasts fifty minutes. There are ten minute break interval between each lesson. We come one hour earlier to prepare for the lesson (14:00)We have one hour Junior and Senior high school classes that start from 19:20 from Monday to Friday. We usually leave the classroom at 20:30.You don't have to worry about the lesson plans or making any teaching materials. We supply all you need in the classroom.We change our lesson plan ever other week. Before the change, we have a meeting about how to teach for the next two weeks. We share our ideas and practice singing and dancing or how to play the games, which helps improve our teaching techniques.Our big school events are held in October (Halloween) and December (Christmas).Around that time we have to spend lots of time on making things, decorating and planning the party outside our normal lessons. Artistic skills are preferred but are not a must. We have long holidays in May, August and year-end. (about one week to ten days)