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・Develop and realize the overall data strategy for the company

・Develop and manage ETL jobs and infrastructure of analytics databases

・Cooperate with the product team to design logging to enable product improvement and surfacing of KPIs

・Determine the importance of each dataset and take appropriate measures to ensure data reliability according to priority

・Improve the reliability and speed of queries for ever-increasing volumes of data

・Implement new types of data workflows (e.g. automatic retraining of machine learning models for predicting user churn)

■Minimum Qualifications

Able to proactively and flexibly work on data issues ranging from overall data strategy to detailed data modification

Experience with data warehousing and business intelligence systems

3 years of programming experience (understand multiple languages)

SQL (advanced)

Experience with data processing related to an app or website

Experience using a data workflow tool (e.g. Azkaban, Luigi, Airflow)

Experience designing and creating data tables

Business-level Japanese

■Preferred Qualifications

8 years of programming experience

Have architected/implemented a dat ...