S.W.I.F.T. Japan Ltd. - 【Customer Support and Delivery Engineer】日英活かせるカスタマーサービスエンジニア


SWIFT Asia PacificではAPACチームと共に働けるカスタマーサポートエンジニアを募集しています。職場環境は語学を十分に生かすことができ、client対応は日本語、社内は英語、APAC本部の香港スタッフとのやり取りは英語となります。今回の募集では丸の内で勤務です。



■Call and Problem Management:

・Provide support on all technical problems within own area, through the provision of telephone or on-line support.

・Work with the customer/vendor/partners to establish the root cause of problems and provide end-to-end service support.

・Design staff training packages, update knowledge management databases and document problem management procedures for both existing and new products/services

■Service Management and Delivery Activities:

・Participate in consulting projects and deliver SWIFT applications implementation se ...