Computer Vision Researcher at an AR Startup in Tokyo at Pretia, Inc. (Bunky-ku, Japan)



  • We're looking for a world-class computer vision researcher with extensive experience in SLAM to solve the most challenging and cutting-edge problems in the field of AR

  • You will be required to design and implement advanced algorithms for large-scale localization and mapping, combining challenging academic work with the real-world impact

Job description

  • Develop the server-side infrastructure allowing users to see digital content interfaced with the physical world through any device and apply it to our AR real game services soon to be launched in Tokyo


  • Expert knowledge in SLAM

  • Have a relevant PhD

  • Fluent in C/C++

  • Experience with OpenCV and OpenGL


  • Knowledge of parallel computing, OpenCL, GPGPU

Non-technical skills

  • Having customer-oriented mind at heart

  • Focused on producing meaningful impact

  • Ability to iterate the prototyping process as fast as possible

  • Always striving for excellence in execution

  • Determined to push the state of the art forward


  • Depends on the candidate's previous experience and degrees


  • Flextime system

    • Core working time: 12:00-17:00

    • 40 hour long working time in total is required per week

  • Transportation: 100% covered

  • Housing allowance: available with limitations

  • Visa sponsorship: available

  • International working environment in a calm part of the city

  • The rare opportunity to be involved in learning nearly every aspect of how an early-stage startup grows and scales

Recruiting process

  • Screening of either your resume, GitHub or portfolio website

  • Interview at our office