Kindergarten English Immersion Teacher


Katoh Gakuen is a private Japanese school (PreK-12) in Numazu, Shizuoka - one hour south of Tokyo on the Pacific Coast. We were the FIRST English immersion school in Japan founded in 1992 and continue to be at the forefront of English Immersion in Japan. Children who complete the kindergarten & elementary program continue their secondary studies in our International Baccalaureate Programme. (In 2000, we were the first Japanese school to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization.) Over half of all of our students eventually go on to universities abroad.Our Preschool/Kindergarten English Immersion Program provides Japanese children with an early childhood education through the medium of the English language. As a consequence of receiving age-appropriate instruction in English, the children acquire English as their second language while working within the Japanese early childhood curriculum. The kindergarten includes children from ages 3-5. Work hours are from 8:10–4:10 (Monday–Friday). There are several events during the year that take place over the weekend. There are approximately 45 to 50 students in each year class with four teachers (two international teachers and two Japanese teachers) creating a student-teacher ratio of approximately 12:1.The children at each grade are divided into two classes, and the children split their time between the Japanese classroom and the English classroom. Typically, children alternate days between the Japanese medium classroom and the English -medium classroom with two teachers in each classroom - the Japanese teachers in the Japanese classroom and the English speaking teaching teachers in the English classroom.Instruction is organized around themes. The emphasis is on exploration, play, and inquiry. However, there are also many organized events for the parents that take up a great deal of class time to prepare for. The teachers organize many activities in preparation for these events.