EXO Travel Japan株式会社/EXO Travel Japan K.K. - Operations Officer/オペレーションオフィサー 



Ensure flawless ground execution of the tours and itineraries planned.


■ Assign jobs to tour guides, vehicles suppliers, drivers etc.

■ Reserve services from suppliers for each booking.

■ Communicate with Inbound Teams to ensure smooth Operations and Reservation.

■ Brief guides in detail for each booking.

■ Manage Tour Plan System for Job Order to guides and drivers.

■ Manage Tour Plan System for Cash Advance Report for tour guides.

■ Manage Tour Plan System for Guide Fee Report of tour guides.

■ Submit Cash Advance and Guide Fee Request to Supervisor/Assistant Manager/Manager for the approval.

■ Provide feedback and coach: guides, vehicle, and suppliers to minimize complaints.

■ Manage Guides’ KPIs by using the Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

■ Support Supervisor/Assistant Manager/Manager in recruiting and training guides.

■ Inspect new suppliers as per schedule with Product Team.

■ Attend scheduled meeting with Operations Team.

■ Coordinate and attend annual guide training & staff training.

■ Ride along with guide and clients to monitor the quality and maintain relationships with suppliers.

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