Kindergarten Teacher


Little Newton International Kindergarten provides early childhood education in English and Japanese for 18 month to 6 year old children. Our mission is to nurture children who can succeed overseas. In addition to English and Japanese lesson, our program includes gymnastics, art, and music.We are looking for a new teacher.The followings are some examples of your daily work.・ Provide fun English lessons・ Go to the park with children・ Teach exercise according to our curriculum・ Eat lunch with children・ Provide toileting assistance for young childrenWe are looking for someone who・ loves to work with children・ can work with 18 month to 6 year old children・ is good at singing songs for children・ is cheerful and active・ is a team playerIt would be an advantage if you possess a kindergaten teacher or childcare qualification.Working hours - 8 hours per day between 8:30-21:00. 5 days a week between Monday to Saturday(6days a week once or twice per month for various events, their preparation, and other work)Benefits - pension, health insurance, transportation allowance