AdMark Asia Group K.K - 【Corporate Communications Lead】年収最大2000万・有休無限大・リモートワーク可能



米国発のこの企業は世界各地人気急上昇中の携帯のアプリ1つで配車サービスと人気レストランのデリバリーサービスを提供しております。この度は日本オフィスの【Corporate Communications Lead】を募集しております。







•Lead our corporate communications strategy, telling the story of our business and showcasing our culture through big-picture narratives about our people and leadership

•Work with beat reporters on a daily basis, juggling a combination or proactive and reactive communications efforts that protect and enhance our reputation

•Handle crisis communications, working across Uber to respond quickly to issues

•Deliver stories focused on Uber’s culture, diversity and inclusion, business development and corporate partnerships and Uber’s enterprise business

•Manage Uber’s executive sp ...