AdMark Asia Group K.K - 【Consumer Communications Lead】年収最大2000万・有休無限大・リモートワーク可能



米国発のこの企業は世界各地人気急上昇中の携帯のアプリ1つで配車サービスと人気レストランのデリバリーサービスを提供しております。この度は日本オフィスのConsumer Communications Managerを募集しております。







◆Lead our consumer communications strategy - from creating inspiring proactive campaigns and media training spokespeople to leveraging your relationships with media, event organizers, and influencers

◆Inhabit the role of a brand and team ambassador both internally and externally

◆Be a trusted partner-- build, and manage trusted relationships with spokespeople and media to tell our story and deliver on your strategy

◆Create and deliver consumer campaigns that build the brand across Japan;

◆Work cross-functionally with the Japan marketing team to build and amplify initiatives and part ...