Product Development Research Participants (our one-day)


We are currently seeking the participants in our one-day program!! This program is not the “job” but the “paid volunteer”. On this program, we would take the photographs and the movies of your face for the purpose of Omron group's research and development.■Program periodMonday October 15, 2018 - Friday, December 14, 2018, 120-minutes between 9:30 and 17:30 *You can join only one time for one program.■What is done in this program? : (1) Multiple photographs of your face in different patterns to be taken. Note: We may request you to wear such items as a surgical mask and sun glasses and make facial expressions.(2) Multiple photographs, movies of your actions and your face, in each of dozens patterns to be taken.Note: We may request you to use their driving simulator machine, which would be similar to the arcade game.You might have motion sickness or eyestrain as we will ask you to try the driving simulator machine.Please apply after your understanding of those possibilities.The image taken in this project will be treated strictly in accordance with “Personal Information Protection Law”. The details above may be changed without prior notice.■Who is eligible to participate?(1) Can make facial expressions and take actions as requested.(2) Can agree to have your face and your actions photographed and videotaped.(3) Can agree on the Non-Disclosure Agreement.(4) Can sit for a few hours during you videotaped or photographed.■How participants are selected?Information on the application questionnaire will be screened.Note: Result of this MONITOR may be used for our client's Research and Development of the worldwide products.We will ask some questions for the purpose of collecting candidates with a wide variety of physical features.Note: If you are selected, we will contact you by phone or email before November 30(Friday).We will contact you by one week before your participation.■How to apply for this MONITOR workYou must be registered to the research participation program organized by OMRON EXPERTLINK first.If you have not, please register to be a research participant with following procedure.1.Please click the button "Apply for this job" below to go to our website and click "Register now!" to register.2.You can apply the MONITOR jobs with going into "volunteer opportunities" in our website and filling out the questionnaire form.