Travel Consultant / Guest Relations


We are a very small company organised by few members so the ability for each member is directly linked to the company’s achievement, thus, the current skill set that you possess is very important. Having said that, the most valued assets at our organisation is to have the passion to sympathize with our company's vision, aspiration to progress and have high communication skills. If you have the assets that we value, express your passion to us and let us together rise to the challenge and create memorable and historical work. [OUR MISSION]To create and increase fans of Japan all over the world - Our mission is to rediscover the hidden potentials of Japan from a global perspective and to deliver those new values as sublime experiences to the world. [OUR VISION]To rediscover the “extraordinaire” in things that Japan takes for granted, to re-establish its one and only value, and to deliver it to the world. [OUR VALUE]Passion: Committed in heart and mind - Never give up!Pursue: Do your best - Never Compromise!Teamwork: All for one, and one for all - Generate unlimited power!Action: Stop thinking and just do it - Make it happen!Originality: Perform innovative ideas - Be a pioneer! [JOB DESCRIPTION]Summer (April - November): will heavily consist of office related tasks. You will need to manage and handle all communications relating to quote requests, bookings, and confirmations. Customer interaction will primarily be in English via e-mail. While communication with suppliers will require basic Japanese language skills. While the majority of your time will be spent assisting customers via e-mail you will also be required to do manual data entry and basic website/social media updates. We also publish a guidebook in December and need to get ready for that from September.Winter (December-March): The work dynamic will shift to a busier, but more balanced office and tour guiding workflow. Our focus will shift from assisting customers via e-mail to more face-to-face customer service. Additional tasks such as tour guiding, basic assistance with translations, tour promotion, as well as other tasks in and around the office will be required. Our office is also attached to a small cafe and it’s quite busy in Winter time.Work Period: Immediate start - Long termOffice Location: Nozawa Onsen and Myoko KogenStaff Accommodation: A shared apartment (shared room) is available @ 15,000JPY/M. [REQUIRED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS]1. To be able to fully commit to our company’s mission2. A person who can find positive meanings through negative experiences3. Have motivation and drive to become a member of a senior-level management team in the future. [REQUIRED MINDS]1. Altruism2. Flexible and Creative mind3. Optimism / Positive mental attitude [REQUIRED SKILLS/ABILITIES]1. Communication skills (High EQ)2. Management skills3. Self-discipline [ADVANTAGED SKILLS/EXPERIENCES]1. Higher Japanese language skill2. Web design or online marketing experience3. IT application knowledge (Magento, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Suite, MailChimp)4. Travel agency, property management or real-estate agency experience [MATCHING PERSONALITY]Open minded, humble, positive attitude, competitive, kind, sincere, optimistic, calm and confident [BENEFITS]The biggest benefit our company can offer is the environment and support to grow as a human being and for self-enlightenment. For those who actively work with drive can improve themselves dramatically and it becomes a huge step towards self-realization. What you can gain through work experience at our company.- Fellowship who support each other’s dreams- The joy and sense of accomplishment to achieve big tasks with a small team- To encounter guests from all over the world - Opportunities to perform projects with great responsibilities- To improve your Japanese to a business conversation level in everyday practice- To be able to enjoy a country lifestyle outside of work [CANDIDATES THAT OUR COMPANY WILL DISQUALIFY]Candidates: - who are looking for holiday jobs. - who value materialistic matters rather than experiences.- who value salary and benefit more than opportunities for self-improvement.- who evaluate matters only with values and cultures of their own country. - who just think or have opinions and do not act on them. [OTHER TIPS ABOUT US]Inspirational books for our company philosophy: 7 habits, The Secret, As a Man Thinketh, Think and Grow RichMentors: Franklin Coby, Anthony Robbins, Peter Drucker, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Rich Schefren, Joseph MurphySkill Development Activities: Zen/Mindfulness