Agoda International Japan 株式会社/Agoda International Japan KK - 【外資系/EC業界経験者歓迎】Associate Director - Tokyo


As an Associate Director Partner Services, your main objective will be to provide guidance and leadership, to ensure the successful account management of Agoda’s major accommodation partners, and to exceed the KPIs and acquisition expectations that form a key part of Agoda’s business goals.  


Acquire and develop accommodation partnerships to meet Agoda’s objectives. Develop, manage, and lead a team to achieve all targets and KPIs

Ensure teamwork with subordinates, colleagues, and superiors.

Develop new tools that contribute to greater productivity and efficiency.

Prepare and present high quality weekly reports.

Share and seek out best practices and knowledge.

Secure global distribution agreements, and instigate roll-out operations.

Ensure price competitiveness of product consistency.

Attend and participate in all relevant trade shows, workshops, and events.

Drive continuous feedback on the quality of the information received.

Ensure operational goals are achieved.

Develop and execute initiatives to maximize opportunities.

Coordinate with management on strategic planning and objectives.


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