<div>Live in Japan & Teach English! (Spring 2019 Start/Overseas Applicants Welcome!)</div>


If you've ever dreamed of living in Japan, this is the opportunity for you!Borderlink, Inc. is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join us as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) for the upcoming school year beginning in Spring 2019. We invite you to apply now for the chance to join us and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!--What does an ALT do?--ALTs work in public schools alongside a Japanese teacher, and enjoy the benefits of experiencing normal school life alongside the other staff and students. We use a system known as "Team Teaching" where responsibilities are shared. As a native speaker, your role is to provide a kind of insight, knowledge and assistance that your students can't get from a text book. We generally co-teach between 3 to 5 classes a day, depending on the school schedule and frequency of the ALT's visit. ALTs also get to experience eating school lunch, playing with students during recess, school festivals, and much more throughout the year. --Where will I be working?--Our ALTs work primarily at elementary and junior high school levels across the Kanto area, and we've only been expanding outwards! That means you could be teaching right in the heart of Tokyo itself, or urban areas throughout Saitama and Chiba. Or, if you prefer a quieter lifestyle, we have ALTs in prefectures further north and to the west. We'll do our best to place you somewhere that will be the best fit for you.--What benefits does Borderlink offer?--Training: We provide an extensive orientation & training session for new employees to get them acclimated to Japan and the Borderlink teaching system. This training continues with seasonal sessions hosted by our team of veteran trainers and even specialized 1-on-1 training when required.Materials: Never created a class lesson plan before? No problem! Our ever-expanding database of materials and worksheets is made available for all our ALTs to use and adapt to best fit their classes. We believe in offering flexibility to our teachers and appreciate your creative input and new ideas.24/7 Help & Support Line: We're here to assist you- however we can, whenever we can. We also provide help with Japanese translation on request.Immigration & Visa Support: We will help facilitate your entry to Japan and support your ability to continue working with us here.Banking & Accommodations: Moving from overseas is a big commitment. If you need assistance finding an apartment, we can connect you with the help you need. We will also help you open a Japanese Bank account and give you guidance in handling other essentials.Room for Growth: Our management team didn't just appear out of thin air- many of us began as ALTs or teachers ourselves, and over the years accumulated the knowledge and skills to pass on to you. Just as we're always striving to improve ourselves, there's always room for upwards mobility in Borderlink if you're willing to work hard and carve out your role as a great teacher. And we'll do everything we can to help!--Let's build the future together--With the increased focus the Japanese education system has placed on English during the run-up to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the need for high-quality ALTs has risen. Although prior teaching experience and Japanese ability are not required, they are highly sought after. Cities want the best. Here at Borderlink, we'll work to help you be the best. Whether you have prior experience in education or not, we're ready to believe in your possibility, and help you realize your potential as a teacher.If this sounds like the opportunity you've been waiting for, we're waiting to hear from you! Please apply today, and thank you for your interest in Borderlink!*Already in Japan? You're welcome to apply! Part-time positions are also available; please see the application form on our website.**Please note that as we receive a high number of applicants, only those who pass the initial screening will be contacted for an interview.