Universal Childcare Akasaka - International nursery school in Akasaka would welcome child carers. A 5-minute-walk from Akasaka Station


We use English for all activities to babies and little children (5 months to

preschool age) at the school;

Namely we are NOT seeking “English teachers”. But we provide special guidance

to encourage children speaking English as well as leading all the children to “Self-supporting”

Job description:

To assist nursery school teachers

-Hourly diaper change and its record

-Daily body temperature record

-Breathing check and its record

-Update individual daily record

Eligible to apply

-Working visa holder (no tourist visa acceptable)

-Long or permanent status of residence

-Valid and appropriate status of residence

-Business conversation level English (TOEIC 780~)

-Daily conversation level Japanese (N2 preferable) ...